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We Perform Adventurous Pieces as well as Personal Pieces Upon Request. This may include Acrylic Pour Paintings, Home Decor, Tie Dye Items and More!

We Never Stop Improving and will Continue to Expand Our Offerings. Get in Touch with us Today to learn how Gallery235 can Help you!

PS: All Pieces look best in Sunlight!


Getting to know the Artist

Jacqueline St Peter
Artist, Owner and Founder

Good Day! I would like to begin by saying I’ve always had a passion for Art and I have Done Nothing but Practice! I Love Creating Unique Pieces! Please keep in mind I just started this Business and I am currently the one Performing all the Duties. Therefore be Patient and Please Enjoy!

(Gallery235 is an Aimal Friendly enviorment)


Gallery235 Services

Exceeding Your Expectations

Gallery235 has earned its Positive Reputation by going out of its way to provide Truly Exceptional Service to Each of our Customers! 

If You are Interested in having your own Commission Piece! Please Email us your Ideas and We can begin to Build your Piece! You pick the size of Canvas (Wood or Cotton), Your Favourite Colours, Styles etc. Then we will Create it for You!


Scheduled Delivery

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We offer Delivery, Pick up and Shipping! Heads up!! Delivery and Shipping will charge a bit extra to your order! Pick up Location in Cambridge Ontario, Canada.

Payment by PayPal, E-Transfer and/or Cash.

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Gallery235 is committed to exceeding your needs.

Questions, comments or special requests? We’d love to hear from you, so don’t hesitate to reach out today.



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