Custom Epoxy Ocean Pieces!

Custom Epoxy Ocean Pieces!

Custom Ocean Pieces

1. Pick the Size of Canvas Also Pick Fabric of Canvas ((Wood Or Cotton) 

2. Pick Backing (Able to Hand or Stand (Picture Frame) Backing)

3. Pick 1 or 2 Water Colours (Any Colour in the Rainbow)

4. Pick 1 or 2 Sand Colour (Black, Gold, Copper, Silver, Brown (light or dark))

5. Pick 1 Wave Colour (White, Silver or Gold)

6. Pick 1 Boarder Colour (Any Colour in the Rainbow) or Gold Leaf (Which will Cost a little Extra!)

7. Pick Decorations - Sand Gritty Texture, Rocks/Stones, Shells (Large, Medium/Small), Gold Leaf, Greenery, Flowers Etc. Basically Anything you want i can make Possible!

8. Pick A Finish, (Glossy or Matte!)



Prices Vary From $20-$300 depending on Size On Canvas, Amount of Epoxy Used and Decorations! Estimated Price will be Given When Inquired!



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